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General Sessions Descriptions


Opening General Session — 9:15 am – 10:45 am 
Self-Care, Start with you! 

Learn from 2 Experts – Ted style

  • Care Personally – Erica Leibrandt – Founder, Physchfinder
  • Care for your Experience –  John Ayo, Founder of Travel Balance.

To open our event, we will explore how each speaker dramatically practices self-care for themselves,  their company and/or their environment and this experience allows them to share this with others.  Erica focuses on the importance of mental health and finding the right professional to guide, coach & support individual goals; John Ayo is an expert on wellness travel. Each of our speakers will motivate you to lead a change towards health and wellness in your organization for yourself so you can better guide those you influence. 

 Erica’s Session: 9:15 am-9:45am, How to Transform Negative Emotions and Improve Relationships

 Erica reveals a simple technique for managing the negative emotions that compromise our ability to have more healthy, satisfying relationships with ourselves and others. During her 30 minute talk you will learn how to accurately identify the people, places and things which keep you in a state of anger, fear, frustration, or resentment, and short circuit their power over you. A simple writing exercise and discussion will help you master this practical tool, which will change how you look at, and live your life! 

John’s Session: 9:45am-10:45am Meeting Balance: Inside Travel Secrets for Event Planners

 Are you able to maintain your poise, your good mood, your energy and your health, no matter what crazy stuff happens during your travels? Are you doing your best to provide a wellness-focused experience for attendees, helping them maximize the value of participating in your meetings or events? 

Anyone who is tired, cranky or sick can’t perform at their best, and that undermines that very purpose of travel and business meetings. John, a traditional naturopath (natural health doctor) who spent more than 30 years traveling around the world for IBM, offers advice for optimal health and effectiveness on the go. 

You will learn to:

*Travel smarter, for packing, airport security, the experience of flying, bettering your hotel environment and staying hydrated

*Optimize your experience, both business and personal, by avoiding illness, avoiding jet lag, and sleeping better on the road. 

 *Maintain the balance of good health and business objectives by fitting in exercise, experiencing your destination and performing your best

*Establish a sustainable routine to maintain this balance after you return


Morning Sessions — 10:45am – 11:30am
Session #1 – Newest trends in Designing a Healthy Attendee Experience 

Presenters: Kristi Tarantino & Rachael Riggs
Session Description:    Healthy Meeting trends are everywhere! There are so many options now with many new trends appearing daily.  But which ones do you need to incorporate? Which ones are best for you & your attendees as far as cost, participation and feasibility?  In this session, you will learn the newest health & wellness trends and what you need to know.  This information can help you decide what will keep your attendees coming back.    Not sure where to start or not sure how to take your meeting to the next level, Rachael and Kristi will guide you thru questions to ask yourself and your organization to make an impact at your next meeting.

Session #2 – Maximizing Attendee Engagement 

Presenter: Kevin Sheridan, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Kevin Sheridan LLC

Session Description:   Being able to maximize attendee engagement is critical to in order to maintain a positive environment and keep your attendees engaged and coming back. In this session, learn how to create an environment where this can happen. 

After Lunch Sessions  – 2:00pm – 3:00pm  

Session #1 – Acheiving your Goals through Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Presenter: Dante Digangi, ACE certified personal trainer

Specialize in weight loss, strength and conditioning, and athletic training. Dante teaches people the fundamentals of health & wellness through exercise and healthy lifestyle choices. From weight loss strategies, to developing someone into a stronger and faster runner, he can help people reach their health and fitness goals in a safe but efficient manner. As a former professional athlete, Dante sets and tackles goals regularly and shares his secrets. He’s shifted that focus onto helping others reach their goals and it has been an incredible opportunity.

session #2 – Encouraging & Rewarding Healthy behavior on the Road

Presenter: Donna Mitsos, Innovation Meetings. 

Donna provides useful tips and tricks to stay fit and healthy, energized and improve your quality of life while on the road. Understanding the best choices for food, beverage and exercise and how to implement them. Learning preparation and planning tips such as how to find a local health club, how to prepare to stay on track while traveling and what to pack to be better prepared. She Also covers programs and procedures that management can implement to encourage and reward healthy healthy behavior while traveling.

1:00pm-2:00pm exhibit hall open with special features below, rotate through three special sessions while visiting hotel booths where you can enter for the raffle:

1) Lynda Murdock, Personal Life Coach and “You Live it” creator 

One on one or small group discussions with Lynda Murdock at her booth. Lynda has developed a daily system that makes it so easy accomplish wellness, fitness and joy. You don’t want to miss any of her advice! Visit her in the mini expo at her booth! 

 2) Mindful Moments and Essential oils with Mary Slight

 3) EFT tapping to feel, calm free & healthy with Wendy Lauritesen, Wellness Coach


Closing General Sessions  – 3:00pm – 4:00pm  

 Jaloyn Fockler, Executive Vice President & Head of Hospitality as Delos 

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