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General Sessions Descriptions


Opening General Session — 9:30 am – 10:30 am 
Changing Personally, Changing an Environment, Changing the Experience

Learn from 3 Experts – Ted style

  • Changing Personally – Mari Hammond – Founder, Storycastnetwork
  • Changing An Environment – Jaloyn Fockler – Senior Vice President, Delos Signature
  • Changing the Experience –  Midtown Athletic Club & Hotel

To open our event, we will explore how each speaker dramatically changing themselves or their company is changing for the better.  Mari, mid-career, reinvented herself from an accountant to a business owner;  Jaloyn will share how Delos is changing how buildings are being designed for the future and Midtown will share how they changed from a tennis club to a destination with in a destination that is drawing visitors from all over the globe.   Each of our speakers will motivate you to lead a change towards health and wellness in your organization and for your attendees.

Morning Breakout Sessions — 10:45am – 11:30am
Session #1 – Designing a Healthy Attendee Experience with Wellness and CSR

Presenters: Kristi Tarantino & Rachael Riggs
Session Description:    Do your attendees walk away from your meeting inspired, energized and motivated or do they go home exhausted, hung over and feeling unhealthy?  It is your job to provide them with a positive and healthy environment. Wellness and CSR are key to making this happen.    In this session, you will learn how to start with the end in mind to plan a healthy meeting that includes giving back and it will be on budget.   This design will keep your attendees coming back.    Not sure where to start or not sure how to take your meeting to the next level, Rachael and Kristi will guide you thru questions to ask yourself and your organization to make an impact at your next meeting.

Session #2 – Perks of a Planner – have lots of points and have no time to figure out what to do with them?   

Presenter: Bob Kobosky/Vice President of Global Accounts/ConferenceDirect
Session Description: Frequent traveler reward programs have had major changes in the past few years. In this session, you’ll learn the new “rules” as well as strategies for maximizing your miles and points. We will cover tips and tools to find those elusive reward flights and maximize your status in the programs of your choice to travel the world in style!   You will learn how to develop strategies for earning status within desired programs; uncover tools to find award availability beyond the airline’s website and understand the value of status within a program.

***Special Feature from 1:00pm – 1:30pm  ****
Mindful Moments
Presenter: Shana Stitzel, owner of Central Street Yoga in Evanston
Session Description:   Join one of Chicago’s most famous yoga instructors, Shana Marie Stitzel, to learn the power of mindfulness and moments.  Shana will teach you what mindfulness is, how to use and what you can do with it.   She will guide you through the process of mindfulness.  You will learn techniques that you can use thru your day to be more aware of yourself and to be more productive thus creating a healthy atmosphere wherever you may be.

After Lunch Breakout Sessions  – 1:30pm – 2:15pm  
Session #1 – Employee Burnout: Signs and Action Steps to Prevent or Mitigate its Impact

Presenter: Kevin Sheridan, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Kevin Sheridan LLC
Session Description:   Being able to understand burnout, its causes, and how to prevent it is essential in order to maintain a positive environment and keep the best talent on the team.  Attend this session to prevent or minimize burnout among your most valuable staff members.

Session #2 – Mastering the Balancing Act

Presenter: Heidi Edinger Smith,  CINHC, CCWS, CMP, Founder/CEO, Integrated Wellness Studio
Session Description:   This session addresses the elusive concept of finding “Work/Life Balance” and how to take hold of your Life Balance through nutrition, exercise, self-care and setting boundaries.  You will learn how to identify what Life Balance really means for YOU; what happens to your health when your Life Balance is not in balance; strategies to get you back to Life Balance through nutrition, exercise and self-care and tips on how to set boundaries and make behavior changes that will allow you to reach life balance.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions  – 4:30pm – 5:15pm  
Session #1: Too busy To Shop for Yourself? Learn How To Update Your Closet Without Breaking The Bank    

Presenter: Lora LaPratt, CEO & personal stylist @ Shopping Girl XOXO 

You are busy with work and travel and have no time to shop or update your wardrobe, that’s what Lora is here for!  

In this session, you will learn to look at your closet differently, understand some quick and easy tricks to enhance your style and give you the confidence you want and need to tackle your next meeting.  Lora will teach you her “go-to” tips for dressing for success while using your existing wardrobe and incorporating small tweaks to make a big difference.  We all know first impressions are important and feeling your very best is the number one way to ensure confidence when walking into a meeting.  Lora will be helping you to not only look but most importantly FEEL confident and stylish in 2019!

Session #2 – Self-Care is Not Selfish:  Boost Your Professional Brand by Putting Yourself First

Presenter: Aileen Baxter, Life Coach, The Well North Shore
Session Description:  Practicing good self-care is essential to the health of your career, whether you’re a business owner, a time-starved meeting professional, a travel weary supplier, a working parent or simply looking to advance in your business. However, when you’re juggling a full plate, your own health and wellbeing often fall to the bottom of the priorities list. In this session, Aileen shares why taking care of yourself is good for business along with specific tips to make self-care a daily priority.

Closing General Session 5:15pm – 6:00pm 
A Juicy Revolution – Changing an Industry by Way of a Revolution

Presenter: Kim Oster – Holstein
Chief Mocktail Officer @ Industry Juice & Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Writer, Speaker & Inspiring Leader

Let’s create a industry revolution! After 2 days of packed inspiration, we’ll end the Health & Wellness Forum  with Kim Oster-Holstein, serial food/beverage entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Industry Juice.  Kim is creating her own Juicy Revolution with Twisted Alchemy, their latest cold-pressed juice line. Kim will share her Twisted Tips for Building your Vision, whether it’s your own meeting planning business or any role you have in transforming the meeting experience through health/wellness initiatives.  Kim will leave you motivated to change personally thru setting new goals for yourself, change the environment around you to be healthy and change the experiences you design to be one-of-a-kind, inspiration and fun.

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