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Join us on May 28th-29th, 2020 at Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan, WI

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With MeetingHealthy, we give you the resources you need to accomplish your travel goals and stay safe.  We work with businesses who can engineer & execute products to protect your health while traveling so you can achieve your mission while bringing wellbeing, education and fun! Quit Stressing. Order today! 

We are currently experiencing high demand and are invite only. You may apply to become a client on our contact page and we will contact you if it’s a good fit.



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Please join us at our Health & Wellness Forum 

The Health & Wellness Forum serves as THE gathering place, where buyers and sellers meet to experience a conference that shares the latest innovations in hotel, destination and experience design. Walk away feeling inspired, motivated and refreshed. With everything from fashion pop-ups and fitness to CBD education, CMP credits and Tito’s healthy cocktails all inlcuded, this is a fun event not to be missed!

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