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FAQ For Meeting Professionals

What is MeetingHealthy?

MeetingHealthy is a company specializing in bringing wellness to the meeting and event industry. We provide onsite health & wellness services in any destination for your meeting, conference or event. We design and deliver wellness education, we offer site selection expertise, we create onsite wellness experiences and we create and implement CSR programs and Corporate Wellness Programs.

How does meetinghealthy work?

Share with us how you would like to make a change in your meeting design. We begin with sourcing strategies that start with wellness in mind and end with onsite healthy changes. We assist every step of the way. 

We host the annual Health & Wellness Forum that focuses solely on educating meeting professionals/business strategist  on how easy it is to make changes in their meeting to make the attendee experience healthier. Our goal is to have their attendees leave their next meeting feeling motivated, energized and refreshed vs exhausted, drained and sleepless.

We Provide Resources  & a Toolkit. We provide templates, studies, video and inspiration to help create and implement a healthy meeting, along with our Store that highlights some amazing health and wellness products that you can purchase for yourself or your attendees.

We share our industry insights, wellness information in the press, an industry calendar and links to articles. 

Can you find a hotel and/or provider that can accommodate my wellness requests?

We have a vetted network of healthy suppliers, hotels, DMC’s and venues that we partner with. We recommend sourcing the venue as the initial step on the wellness journey. We can assist with finding the perfect destination and hotel in which to host your meeting.  We source globally for our providers and partners. 

How can I get started?


Share with us how you want to make a change in your meeting/event.   We begin strategically locating the prefect venue to host your meeting. If you already have a venue, we will recommend the best health & wellness providers, ideas and resources from our toolkit  to inspire your attendees. We are a full service company that can deliver all your wellness needs. 



We  source and contact the best hotel properties, venues , speakers, instructors, sponsors, exhibitors and providers and assist every step of the healthy journey to ensure  success.



The best part! Onsite wellness is achieved. Our vetted and preferred network of wellness professionals and venues  provide onsite experiences & knowledge.

What hotels are included in a site selection search?

Our sourcing experts include all brands and properties in our search. We also have preferred partners who we can count on to deliver wellness consistently. Any hotel we recommend will have agreed to our wellness requests. You can rely on us to manage and oversee a healthy meeting at any property you choose. 

what is the health & wellness forum?

Our annual conference that focuses on educating meeting professionals and business strategist on how incorporate wellness into your next event. HWF  serves as the meeting & event industry’s annual gathering place, where buyers and sellers meet to experience a conference that shares the latest innovations in experience design, health and wellness. The conference will demonstrate how to weave onsite health & wellness into everyday life and work. Additionally, attendees walk away feeling inspired, motivated and refreshed! 

The Health & Wellness Forum (HWF) is presented by MeetingHealthy.

i regret eating healthy today.

~Said no one. Ever.

FAQ For healthynetwork

I want to join the healthynetwork, what does this mean for me?

When you join our HealthyNetwork, you become part of global network of vetted wellness providers. Your involvement with MeetingHealthy positions you as a leader in wellness to meeting professionals.

Can I sponsor the health & wellness forum? What is the audience?
Yes! With buyers attending who specialize in strategic meeting design, meeting sourcing, meeting planning and execution, you’re guaranteed to connect with different types of buyers. As a sponsor/exhibitor, you need to turn those connections into leads and business. Here is what they are looking for:

  • Learn emerging trends & best practices
  • Meet like-minded peers & potential partners
  • Get perspective on evolving their future strategies
  • Bring health & wellness options to their events
  • Try new products
  • Bring experiential events to their meetings
  • Find more efficient event solutions
  • Offer new services to attendees
  • Network with relevant companies to partner with
What are the costs to Sponsor and what does this entail?

We offer varying levels of sponsorships.  Please contact us for a full description of opportunities.  Click here for Prospectus.

How can I get involved in your mission?

We are always adding partners to the HealthyNetwork.  We have a robust network of healthy venues and providers all over the world.   Please contact us and inquire about our HealthyNetwork program.


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